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Promese – fulfilment for retail, wholesale and e-commerce


Promese, for all your total logistics solutions

Whether you are a brand or a retailer, whether you run a wholesale business or a webshop: you did not set up your enterprise in order to spend a lot of time on logistics. Naturally, you want your products to arrive with your customer fast and in good order. And you understand that logistics form an important part of your custmomer’s experience. But you prefer to focus on the products themselves, rather than everything involved in the order process. What is a mere side issue for you is our main concern. It is our aim to organise your logistics process in a smart way. We serve “Business to Business” as well as “Business to Consumer”. In this, we are unique.

We are Promese

Through our drive, over thirty years of experience and a healthy curiosity about new products, which we utilise to grow your company, we contribute to your success. Your success is our success. This is what drives us to do everything possible for our customers. We make our customer more successful and we enjoy doing this. For you as well.

  • Online and Offline
    With our online and offline total solutions, you can meet the current expentations of your customers.
  • Global
    We help you operate at large volumes nationally as well as internationally.
  • Innovative
    We are your sparring partner for the latest logistic innovations.
  • Anticipate
    You can anticipate timely on the expension of your company because our logistic activities are already perfectly set up for this.
  • Experience
    We pay as much attention to your customers’ experience as you do.
  • Omnichanel
    Your customers have the freedom to choose where and when they buy and have your product delivered.