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Promese, voor al uw logistieke totaaloplossingen Retail - Promese, voor al uw logistieke totaaloplossingen


  • B2B & B2C
  • 35.000m² floorspace
  • State of the art warehouse technology
  • Receipt of goods
  • Stock management
  • Distribution (picking, packing, shipping)
  • Processing returns
  • Webshop development
  • Extra services (customer service, payment processing, online reporting, product photography, online marketing, customs)


Our main task is to ensure that your products, through your supplier or wholesale, reach your store and eventually your consumers in a smart way, on time and in perfect condition. We take this task very seriously

Logistically, we understand your concerns

You are worried about:

  • Complexity of your logistics processes
  • The experience of customers with regards to your logistics processes
  • Your stock management
  • Costs of controlling your stock management

Promese understands this, addresses it and shows there is another way.

We are fully geared to the simplification of complex logistics processes to ensure your products arrive with your customers quickly. We ensure your customers receive the best experience possible. In order to maximise the chance of your stock being sold.

What does Promese offer to retailers in terms of logistics solutions

We dare to reassure you that we are a foundation on which you can build. You can focus on your stores and their expansion.

In fact, we assume they will expand. Promese ensures that your logistics process is prepared for this.

The idea of stock being managed merely from a warehouse is a dated one. For our customers we have been focusing on your physical stores as logistics hubs for years. This offers benefits for you, as retailer, and for your consumer.

Everything we do is aimed at fulfilling your customers’ current expectations. We achieve this by paying attention to your customers’ experience with the same commitment as you do. But also by providing them with the freedom to choose where and when they buy and have your product delivered. For this, Promese offers omnichannel total solutions.

Being successful together

Through our drive, over thirty years of experience and a healthy curiosity about new products, which we utilise to grow your stores, we contribute to your success.

View us as your business partner, who will do whatever it takes to foster the growth of your stores. Your success is our success. This is what drives us to do our utmost to turn your challenges into smart total logistics solutions.