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In the past a certain multi-brand fashion organisation arranged its own logistics. However, eventually it decided to outsource the services which are associated with selling their products. For several years now we have provided them with the logistic services, business to business as well as business to consumer, and all e-commerce activities. One of the aspects we have been able to accomplish for them is: considerably reducing the amount of “no”-sales. This goes to show that Promese not only relieves their customers of their duties, but are also able to facilitate additional turnover possibilities. Promese can afford themselves to work with one centralised stock-keeping warehouse. As a result of this every product that is part of the chain of shops or of the web shop is immediately available for the consumer wherever he/she may be:

The consumer is at the physical shop, but a certain product is not in stock at that shop. In that case the owner or manager of the shop can directly order the product with a special kind of access to the centralised web shop. The consumer will pay in advance and the trousers, for example, will be sent home or will be ready for collection in the shop later. The consumer will leave the shop with the feeling of having accomplished his/her goal.

And it works the other way around as well: a consumer orders a product from the webshop. However, this particular product is only in  store at one of the shops of the same chain: it is not available at the central warehouse at the time. Promese’s system has all the information of all stocks at their disposal and already knows when Promese will supply each store of the chain. These parameters determine from which store a certain product can be supplied, or from the centralised warehouse if the situation requires this. The truck that will replenish the stocks of the shop the next morning, will take the selected articles back to the central warehouse where these will be added to that particular order and, subsequently, be given to the selected transporter who will deliver to the store which is short of this particular product.

At any moment in time all stock is available for the consumer and can be sold through each channel. Hence the name ‘Omnichannel’.

Realisation of web shop, e-fulfilment and e-commerce

Consumers often choose to shop online or search for potential online products to purchase: retailers in particular should respond to this situation. One of Promese’s clients in the Home & Garden (Leisure) business wanted to respond to this in a professional way. Therefore, this client considered the two options of either outsourcing or carrying out this part of the business themselves. Based on the market that changes fast, the specific requirements in the field of knowledge and the fact that they want to focus their energy on the product and  the physical shop, they consciously decided to outsource the e-business activities. Their webshop had been online for a while already. However, a lot of their attention was directed at the physical store which led to their webshop being outdated and not as vital as it should be. Therefore, after having enquired among people in the business, they requested Promese to revitalise the online shop that they had and to fully manage it in the future.

The Project Agency of Promese has, in co-operation with the e-commerce team, created a completely new webshop for this client. They built it together with one of their regular and well reputed partners. All current and up-to-date functionalities have been included. Any wishes (among them those concerning the look & feel) of the customer have been taken into account. Close co-operation and clear communication are very important in this last stage of the project. Since the new webshop has been live the e-commerce team has also managed all commercial tasks. These are (among other aspects): online marketing, DTP, webshop photography, content creation. Furthermore, the consumer is served by the employees of Promese. 

Of course the consumer assumes he/she is talking to our customer’s employees whenever he/she calls. Specialised and trained employees of Promese serve the consumers as if the former were our customer’s employees. Prior to the webshop going live they have been given all product knowledge required by means of training on the job among other aspects. Thus they fully understand and possess the minimum requirements to be able to provide a service that meets our customer’s demands. That is why the consumer assumes he/she is talking to the expert employees of our client.

All this, apart from the complete logistic process of outgoing and incoming returned products, means we actually manage the entire webshop for our client and fully relieve them by doing so.