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Let us hear it from our employees

A peek behind the scenes will give a person a good insight into our employees’ activities and what they like about working at a logistics organisation. We can zoom in on what it is that we do and/or our abilities. Furthermore, we will also show who is responsible for which part of the process.

Rathna - HR Assistant

“As a manager of the flex pool I get to know Promese and their employees well.”

My two colleagues of the Human Resources department and I take care of the personnel administration and the staffing policy within our organisation. I am responsible for the flex pool of Paraat, the subsidiary of Promese. Recruiting staff, conducting job interviews, making sure that the Supervisors and I agree on staff requirements and producing staff schedules on a daily basis are some of my tasks.  

After finishing my studies in 2011 I first joined the department Returned products at the warehouse. I wanted to get started as soon as possible and it was nice to get to know those processes. After two weeks, during a review, my manager indicated she would like me to become her back-up. That way I was given a splendid opportunity to move up within the organisation.

In the course of several years Promese has grown. However, I still experience an open and pleasant atmosphere to work in. What I like about my job is that I get to know people of different backgrounds and cultures every day. Furthermore, it is a profession I am grateful for: I can make people happy by offering them a new job. And finally: I still learn something new every day!

Will I see you, too, at Promese soon?

Steven - Manager Projects

“I get a lot of satisfaction out of achieving our objectives together.”

In February 2012 I acquainted Promese when I outsourced my employer’s logistic activities to Promese. In those days I worked at another company. The ambition and the willingness to understand their customer’s (i.e.: my) way of thinking stayed with me after that period. After having been one of Promese’s customer for more than a year, I joined them in 2014 as a Project Manager: I manage the Project Agency. Therefore, despite my relatively short time with Promese I can truly say I know Promese “through and through”. From the first day I noticed that Promese, as a company, comes across to me the same way: whether in my position as a customer then or a colleague now.

Promese has a distinct wish not to follow the beaten track of the average logistic service provider. In a situation like this adequate answers to ICT cases are essential. That is where the Project Agency is an important link in the proverbial chain.

The activities vary from choosing an IT-package through pilot projects to developing unique software solutions. Selecting the right hardware for the benefit of logistic efficiency is part of our set of tasks as well, though. Anyone who has ever worked with me knows this entails the “fun factor” that I need.

I would like to revert to the way Promese comes across. In my opinion their culture is one of honesty and openness. Their employees are people who work hard and are full of humour. I derive a lot of satisfaction from achieving our objectives together in a work environment like this. As a result of Promese’s growth and the diversity of their customers, the Project Agency continues to develop. That is why I consider it a bonus to, based on that development, be allowed to research the latest possibilities that are available in the field of ICT and Logistics.