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Omnichannel; opportunities for the wholesaler - Promese, voor al uw logistieke totaaloplossingen | Promese, voor al uw logistieke totaaloplossingen

Omnichannel; opportunities for the wholesaler

23 Dec 2016  |  Nieuws @en

Omnichannel, the answer to the expectations of today’s consumers
Consumers are becoming increasingly critical. They are well informed and demand that you have the constant focus to serve them optimally. They want to be able to buy their products offline and online. And get them delivered where and when they want.

The increasingly critical attitude of consumers forces your logistics partner to refine the logistics processes. This creates opportunities as well. Promese believes that omnichannel logistics contributes to a positive customer experience, customer retention and significant revenue growth.

Changing demand, logistics processes move along
Do your customers have the freedom to choose where and when they buy and have your products delivered? Those who offer the appropriate total logistics solutions, which fit perfectly with the expectations of today’s consumer, could be in for a big success and strengthen their position in the market

Using total logistics solutions, online and offline, to respond successfully to these opportunities, is what we call: omnichannel fulfilment.

Omnichannel provides opportunities
In an omnichannel setting it doesn’t matter where the stock is located or through which channel the consumer reaches you. Supply and demand meet each other. That is what consumers expect. And it is important that you tailor your logistics processes to this.

Opportunities and possibilities
Combining offline and online sales channels is the answer to the modern expectations of the consumer. You will have to tailor your logistics processes to this. However, whether you are a wholesaler or a webshop, a brand or a retailer; logistics remain a considerable challenge. You prefer to focus on the products themselves, rather than everything involved in the order process. Nevertheless, it is important that you organise your logistics processes in a way that fully utilises the possibilities omnichannel provides.

Omnichannel; opportunities for retailers
The combination of retail and online channels offers a solution. You can sell your products online and offline while using the logistics solutions of each channel. By combining these you’ve struck gold. When a consumer cannot find a product in a store, an online order can be placed and paid for instantly. The store can be the pick-up point, but also a private address can be used. The consumer will have the desired article the next or even the same day. If the consumer orders a product through a webshop and stock is not sufficient, automatically the stock in stores is checked. This way the customer’s needs are still served perfectly.


  • “Having to say No” less in physical shopping and online channels
  • Lower stock risk
  • Rising customer satisfaction

We would like to discuss the possibilities and developments of online sales opportunities with you.

Omnichannel; opportunities for brands
Traditionally, a brand supplies wholesalers and retailers. However, there is an increase in brands serving consumers directly.


  • Direct contact with the consumer
  • Additional sales channels
  • Improved customer retention
  • You can sell a wider range online
  • Obtaining customer insight/ target group data

Omnichannel; opportunities for the wholesaler
More and more producers serve consumers directly. You could view this as a threat, but you could also turn it into an opportunity by treating it creatively.


  • Expanding your assortment with online stock
  • Additional sales channels
  • Making online assortment available for webshops
  • Customer retention

Promese moves along with the market and capitalises on opportunities
Are you looking for total logistics solutions, which ensure that you can use omnichannel successfully? Please contact us. We would like to be your sounding board and will provide you with creative solutions that will increase your success.