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DJ Hardwell expands collaboration with Promese to include worldwide logistics activities for all merchandise

DJ Hardwell expands collaboration with Promese to include worldwide logistics activities for all merchandise

13 Mar 2017  |  Nieuws @en

Already in 2015 DJ Hardwell has started its collaboration with Promese for the logistics activities relating to Revealed, Hardwell‘s record label.

Back then Promese developed a webshop (https://www.revealedstore.com) which we still manage. In addition to this, we have taken care of the promotional activities and the customer service for the Revealed store for years.

Expansion of the collaboration

Hardwell’s management has recently informed us that they will also start using Promese for the logistics activities for all of Hardwell’s merchandise, worldwide.

Promese has now developed a webshop (https://www.hardwellstore.com) for all Hardwell’s merchandise, which is also managed entirely by us.

Hardwell’s product range consists, amongst other things, of shirts, jackets, caps, posters, books and DVDs.

We are very proud that Hardwell trusts Promese with the development and management of webshops, the promotional activities and customer service, in addition to the worldwide logistics activities.

In doing so, Hardwell uses the entire range of services Promese offers to improve its logistics processes. This results in substantial benefits in terms of time, productivity and customer service.

Promese as trustworthy logistics partner

Promese’s innovative solutions support companies with their logistics challenges.

Promese advises and guides companies in a quickly changing playing field, driven by the digitisation of society. We capitalise on this by bridging the gap between business processes and technological possibilities.

This enables companies to work more efficiently and helps Promese turn its customers’ ambitions into major achievements. The success of our customers is our success.

Omnichannel; opportunities for the wholesaler

23 Dec 2016  |  Nieuws @en

Omnichannel, the answer to the expectations of today’s consumers
Consumers are becoming increasingly critical. They are well informed and demand that you have the constant focus to serve them optimally. They want to be able to buy their products offline and online. And get them delivered where and when they want.

The increasingly critical attitude of consumers forces your logistics partner to refine the logistics processes. This creates opportunities as well. Promese believes that omnichannel logistics contributes to a positive customer experience, customer retention and significant revenue growth.

Changing demand, logistics processes move along
Do your customers have the freedom to choose where and when they buy and have your products delivered? Those who offer the appropriate total logistics solutions, which fit perfectly with the expectations of today’s consumer, could be in for a big success and strengthen their position in the market

Using total logistics solutions, online and offline, to respond successfully to these opportunities, is what we call: omnichannel fulfilment.

Omnichannel provides opportunities
In an omnichannel setting it doesn’t matter where the stock is located or through which channel the consumer reaches you. Supply and demand meet each other. That is what consumers expect. And it is important that you tailor your logistics processes to this.

Opportunities and possibilities
Combining offline and online sales channels is the answer to the modern expectations of the consumer. You will have to tailor your logistics processes to this. However, whether you are a wholesaler or a webshop, a brand or a retailer; logistics remain a considerable challenge. You prefer to focus on the products themselves, rather than everything involved in the order process. Nevertheless, it is important that you organise your logistics processes in a way that fully utilises the possibilities omnichannel provides.

Omnichannel; opportunities for retailers
The combination of retail and online channels offers a solution. You can sell your products online and offline while using the logistics solutions of each channel. By combining these you’ve struck gold. When a consumer cannot find a product in a store, an online order can be placed and paid for instantly. The store can be the pick-up point, but also a private address can be used. The consumer will have the desired article the next or even the same day. If the consumer orders a product through a webshop and stock is not sufficient, automatically the stock in stores is checked. This way the customer’s needs are still served perfectly.


  • “Having to say No” less in physical shopping and online channels
  • Lower stock risk
  • Rising customer satisfaction

We would like to discuss the possibilities and developments of online sales opportunities with you.

Omnichannel; opportunities for brands
Traditionally, a brand supplies wholesalers and retailers. However, there is an increase in brands serving consumers directly.


  • Direct contact with the consumer
  • Additional sales channels
  • Improved customer retention
  • You can sell a wider range online
  • Obtaining customer insight/ target group data

Omnichannel; opportunities for the wholesaler
More and more producers serve consumers directly. You could view this as a threat, but you could also turn it into an opportunity by treating it creatively.


  • Expanding your assortment with online stock
  • Additional sales channels
  • Making online assortment available for webshops
  • Customer retention

Promese moves along with the market and capitalises on opportunities
Are you looking for total logistics solutions, which ensure that you can use omnichannel successfully? Please contact us. We would like to be your sounding board and will provide you with creative solutions that will increase your success.

Promese makes great investment and moves to new warehouse in Eindhoven, build for the future, in order to further expand its logistical services

29 Sep 2016  |  Nieuws @en

For years now Promese offers complete solutions concerning B2C and B2B logistics. Promese takes care of the various forms of logistics, e-fulfilment, wholesale, retail and omnichannel. “From our new warehouse in Eindhoven, especially equipped to expand and optimize our logistical services, we will be able to serve our worldwide work field even better”, says Michael Cremers (CFO and co-owner Promese).

Promese consciously chooses to keep developing
In order to continue the strong growth and development of our logistical services, Promese went looking for a warehouse which is suitable for the future. This location has been found in the Cargo Forum building, located at Flight Forum Eindhoven. Considering this location offers a warehouse storage room with a size of more than five soccer fields (>35.000 m²), Promese will be able to perform at the highest level of the logistical market.

Invest to perform at the highest level
By investing in buying this property at Flight Forum, where Eindhoven Airport is located as well, Promese continues to innovate. The new warehouse offers great possibilities to implement the latest developments of the logistical market. Its location, the large storage capacity and the possibility to process more than 35.000.000 packages a year, were the decisive factors which ultimately led to the investment.

Fully new logistical equipment with a view to the future
Besides the current activities concerning innovation and improvement of the property, completely new logistical facilities will be installed as well. Next to the tailor-made storage facilities, hard work is invested in the development of a completely new sorting machine solution. We will start with moving our first clients to the new warehouse in the final quarter of 2016.


Promese: a leading business partner in the field of Omnichannel
“We are very proud to be able to take care of the logistics and e-commerce activities for our clients. Our clients serve the B2B as well as B2C market. They profit from our activities in a way that it enables them to optimize their processes according to the latest standards as well“, Frank Herculeijns, Managing Director Promese.

We would like to celebrate this success with you
We will make sure to keep you informed about our latest developments concerning the rebuilding and other activities taking place at our new warehouse. We gladly invite you in due time to raise our glasses to our joint, future successes.

Filling Pieces turns to Promese as logistical partner

28 Sep 2016  |  Nieuws @en

We’re very proud to announce that the unique footwear label Filling Pieces has chosen Promese as their partner to take over the entire logistical services as from July 4th 2016.

Filling Pieces
Filling Pieces was founded back in 2009 by young designer Guillaume Philibert who’s roots are found in architecture. This becomes visible through his modern, though through designs. The shoes are made of high-quality materials such as full grain leather, nubuck leather and suede.

Today, Filling Pieces is not only available in The Netherlands, but all around the world as well. This development brings along some logistical challenges, which Promese is happy to tackle!

Collaboration in the field of logistics is expanded
Due to the great successes achieved in the field of business to business, where Filling Pieces and Promese already established a successful collaboration, the footwear label has now chosen to let Promese take care of the entire business to consumer project as well. Needless to say, we are very proud of this opportunity!

Reasons for Filling Pieces to choose for Promese:
•    Arranging customs papers for crossing borders is taken care of by Promese;
•    Promese unbundles size packs, so the footwear can also be sold individually;
•    Instant optimisation of logistical processes.

Filling Pieces about Promese
“We chose Promese to be our logistical partner because of the dedication, personal approach and flexibility. Besides the fact that Promese perfectly handles daily activities in the field of logistics and distribution, they are always ready and willing to help us with unusual or complicated requests as well. Promese always looks for the best solution to solve our problems and meet our wishes. Moreover, the personal and close contact with employees at Promese enables quick communication and has led to a very pleasant relationship with the company. We not only see Promese merely as a business partner, but as a truly valued partner as well.”
Tom Koppenol, Head of Logistics Filling Pieces.

Promese continues growth strategy
The partnership with Filling Pieces offers room for Promese to further establish and achieve its growth strategy. The ambition of Promese is to become the largest all-round logistical partner of the Netherlands. The partnership with Filling Pieces is an important factor in realising the structural growth for the upcoming years.

About Promese
Promese takes care of complicated logistical market issues for their clients. Which enables them to better cater to the needs of their customers. “When our customers grow, we grow with them. A win-win situation for both parties”. A relevant trigger for Promese, but also a guarantee for our clients.

Are you looking for an innovative and flexible partner for your logistical services? Please do not hesitate in contacting us.


The new, Dutch women fashion brand “dayz” finds in Promese reliable partner for their entire e-commerce

15 Sep 2016  |  Nieuws @en

“dayz”, the new Dutch women’s fashion brand, has been looking to partner up with a party that would be able to take care of their entire e-commerce process.
They acknowledged Promese as the partner that is able to provide all necessary resources to optimize their customer experience.

Promese takes care of excellent customer experience
“dayz” offers year round fresh fashion that meets the expectations and lifestyle of the fashion-conscious women. In order to allow retailers to continue to surprise fashion-forward women with on-trend garments, Promese enables retailers to order garments online 24/7, so collections are always refreshed whenever needed. Orders placed on workdays will be delivered to the retailers’ shop within 24 hours.

Promese developed a webshop for the unique shopping experience
Promese developed two webshops for “dayz” (B2B and B2C www.dayz.nl), of which the maintenance is taken care of by Promese as well. Current activities to further develop and optimize sales are the technical implementations to connect market places like Amazon and Ebay. This way, dayz will be able to offer their fashion through these online channels as well.

In order to ensure a unique shopping experience, Promese also takes care of the following (e-commerce) activities:

  • Managing webshops
  • Customer service
  • Content enrichment
  • Photography
  • Online marketing
  • Graphic design
  • Credit management
  • E-fulfilment


Succesful launch of dayz webshop
“dayz” has presented itself at the Modefabriek in Amsterdam, during the weekend of July 10th and 11th. The Business to Business and Business to Consumer webshops were succesfully launched at the the 12th of July. We are very proud to be able to contribute to the success of fresh fashion brand “dayz”.

Article at Dutch magazine Schoenvisie

7 Mar 2016  |  Geen categorie @en, Nieuws @en

Last month the story of Promese about Omni Channel was published in Schoenvisie, the number one magazine for the shoe industry in the Netherlands.

Promese focuses on the fashion and footwear industry for five years now. The unique thing about Promese is that we initially offer wholesale, retail and e-fulfilment under one roof, also called Omni Channel. More and more (international) companies use our total service.

We think that each step in the supply chain needs to add something. The process already starts in the factories of our clients in Asia. After that we take care of the wholesale and retail part, but also e-fulfilment. Companies don’t have to work together with three parties anymore and only need one stock.

              schoenvisie 01_500x256  Schoenvisie

After a development period of five years we have good results to show. For a well-known Dutch fashion chain, we have recently set up a shop with a rapidly rising sales volume. They only need to store their clothes here with us, we take care of the rest. From warehousing to all logistics activities, but also product photography, online marketing and Webshop management. Our core business is logistics, but we also facilitate our clients when their customer wants to buy something. If they grow, we grow. A win-win situation for both parties. Since this month it is possible for brands to put their product range virtual in the windows of digital stores like Amazon and Zalando. When a consumer orders something there, we see this in our systems. The fashion market needs good revenue models, we are well aware of that. We make complex market issues simple and share all successes.

Omnichannel fulfilment Bronx

25 Feb 2016  |  News, Nieuws @en

Since 2016 Promese Logistics BV helps Bronx with its Omnichannel Fulfilment. This means that Promese, besides the logistic services for both B2B and B2C, also takes care of the external online channels. This makes it able for Bronx Fashion to meet her customers through all possible channels.

Together with technical partner An(d)dare, connections with external channels such as Amazon, Ebay and other (online) marketplaces can be realized. After that we will focus on the renewal and expansion of the current online stores. Promese will take care of the entire e-commerce process; such as the promotion of the various channels and the follow-up by customer service.

Bronx also has a sister brand: Blink. Bronx and Blink are trendy brands, they focus on the hip and modern woman. The love for shoes is in their blood and has been for more than 125 years. The shoes are designed in the Netherlands with the typical feeling of Bronx Fashion: pronounced and stylish.

We are therefore very proud that we can work together with this great organization.



Revealed webshop live

10 Dec 2015  |  News

Promese has acquired the webshop of the world famous DJ label Revealed.

Promese has developed the complete webshop. At this webshop you can buy all kinds of merchandise items of Revealed. This shop is operated by Promese worldwide. Brochures, posters, CDs, DVDs and other great items are sold here. Revealed has grown into one of the world’s leading dance labels. Besides the logistic handling Promese is responsible for all additional activities: customer service, online marketing, shop management, desktop publishing and photography.




Filling Pieces

11 Nov 2015  |  News

Promese is pleased to announce that we will work together with Filling Pieces. We agreed to further expand their global logistics the next few years and help them in the field of wholesale and retail logistics. 

Filling Pieces, if you have not hear from them yet (what would surpise us), is a global hip and trendy shoe label. Filling Pieces is based in Amsterdam and founded in 2009 by owner and designer Guillaume Philibert Chin. Filling Pieces would like to fill the gap between haute couture and street fashion sneakers. Rappers Busta Rhymes, Jermaine Dupri and Rick Ross are already a big fan of these handmade shoes. 

fillingpieces1    fillingpieces

DEPT webshop

28 May 2015  |  News

Promese has developed a new responsive web shop for the brand DEPT on behalf of the Veldhovengroup. This was done with regard to the current standards in technology and today’s insights into functions and operation. This new webshop went live last week. All activities that are needed to make a web shop operate well are performed by Promese. For example, we are responsible for the e-fulfilment of fashion products. Moreover, we manage the web shop and execute the online marketing activities (including look and feel of the webshop) on an operational level. Our customer service department will help the consumers whenever they have queries concerning the use of the webshop, deliveries and returned products. We look forward to a positive and long-lasting business relationship!

Veldhovengroup is the company that sells the brands Sandwich, Turnover, DEPT and Olsen.


E_Webshopdepkleinblok   Dept