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Our business culture

Promese is continuously on the move. We are aware of the fact that our employees are the foundation of our success. The daily increase of our customer base is something we owe to our team. It is all about the customer and we want all the people in our organisation to realise that each of them contributes to customer satisfaction. This means: working hard, which goes hand in hand with a convenient atmosphere (even with the well-known Brabant snugness now and then).

We are always looking for new colleagues who possess the expertise, so they could come up with effective ideas to contribute to the processes. We learn from our customers about their consumers’ wishes and how we could respond to those. However, we also learn from our own employees. It is important to Promese that our employees feel connected to the organisation and also want to encourage their colleagues.


The flat organizational structure of Promese leads to short communication lines. This goes for the communication with our customers, too. They often choose to contact our warehouse team directly. That way communication runs clearly & smoothly and matters will be dealt with quickly. We like openness and honesty, i.e.: a no-nonsense mentality and approachability. Do not be afraid to ask questions and tell us in case you think that a process could be improved. Openness also makes itself felt in the workplace. For example, the office staff work in one big room.

Not only does our organisation grow and move, we also adapt our processes and, therefore, our activities to the wishes of each of our customers. This is fun to do and we are challenged that way. However, it has to fit your personality. So should you have a flexible mentality and be driven to contribute to the success of this organisation, please join Promese! Should you be willing to show your ambitions there will certainly be room and freedom for your own development as well as ours.

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