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More than logistics & e-commerce

Promese is a company with a wealth of experience in the world of logistics, but young at heart and very energetic and innovative. For years we have offered total logistics solutions for e-fulfilment, wholesale, retail and omnichannel. We serve both Business to Business and Business to Consumer. In this, Promese is unique.

Promese makes businesses more successful

The success of our customers is our success. This is what drives our employees to always give it their all. We make our customers more successful by completely taking over their logistics and e-commerce. And we enjoy doing this.

Receiving honest advice, relief of worry and staying up-to-date with the latest technological innovations are things that matter to our customers. We understand this and act upon it.


• Logistics with heart
• In-house IT department
• Everything under one roof
• B2B as well as B2C
• Innovative
• Omnichanneln

“We are of the opinion that every step in the supply chain should add value. The process already starts at our customers’ factories (Asia, South Europe, Turkey, etc.). That is where we could contribute already. Subsequently, we take care of Wholesale, Retail, and e-fulfilment logistics. With us a customer can work together in more than just one stage of the process. Therefore, the customer does not have to communicate with three different parties, and needs to have only one warehouse”, says CEO Frank Herculeijns.

“The core business is logistics. However, we also facilitate our customer when his or her client may or will make a purchase. If our customer’s business grows, so does ours. It is a win-win situation for both parties. It is a good incentive for Promese as well as a safeguard for our customers”, according to CFO Michael Cremers. Through Promese brands, too, can have their assortments virtually displayed in the web shop windows of digital department stores, such as: Amazon, Ebay and Zalando. Establishing a much-needed IT link for these channels often requires a considerable investment. Therefore, Promese arranges this for them. The fashion business needs revenue models that work well and Promese can be a proper help in this situation.

Promese simplifies complicated market issues and, subsequently, share the success. There is no better drive than this.

So are you looking for an innovative and flexible business partner for your logistic services? Please do not hesitate to contact us or read more about what we do for our customers in the section business cases.


More than 30 years ago Promese was founded to (among other things) arrange the distribution of media tools for companies such as Warner Home and Universal Pictures. The knowledge and experience, which we have gathered throughout those years, is now applied to several new market sectors very successfully.

Since 2009 Promese has been based in Breda and has, by now, grown into an organisation with 100 enthusiastic employees (both on the payroll and external ones). Every day they see to it that the distribution of Fashion, Home Entertainment, Sports, Leisure, Outdoor and other products runs smoothly.

Promese is a company with many years of experience in the world of logistics under its belt. However, it is young at heart and very energetic as well as innovative.